Healthy, results-driven treatments given by the industry's top licensed technicians in an ethical, clean environment.

Our Manifesto

We believe that the health of your hand is as important as the shine and shade of your varnish.
Our Menu

With deep industry knowledge and experience, we have done the homework for you.

At Van Court, we promise the cleanest and healthiest manicure and pedicure possible - full of super luxe, decadent and carefully chosen ingredients and immaculate attention to detail. Our firm belief is that natural and organic products are the only choice.

At Van Court, natural is best.

With thoughtful curation, all of our lacquers are 5, 7 or 9 free and our creams and oils are natural and when possible, organic. Keeping your health in mind, Van Court manicures are waterless with minimal cuticle nipping. We offer a bespoke menu of results-driven treatments performed by the most talented technicians and nail artists in the industry. We strive to change the way you think about caring for your hands and feet.

Our Partners

At Van Court, we are honored to host 5, 7 or 9 free partners:


Ruth Kallens

Founder & Partner

Ruth Kallens is the Founder and Partner of Van Court, a New York City nail care studio.

Having worked with the biggest names in beauty and nails for over a decade, Ruth is a beauty industry veteran. Her obsession for the perfect manicure started at an early age, introduced to the indulgence at age five on standing Friday manicure appointments with her mother. After searching for years for a mani/pedi where skin, nail health and a perfect paint job were top priorities, Ruth was lost in a sea of nail-art specialty salons.

On a morning meditative walk with her dog, she realized she had all the tools necessary to create the studio that answered her nail dreams. Van Court is a marriage of Ruth’s dedication to health and mindfulness, passion for the perfect polish and love of creating experiences. Ruth believes that a treatment at Van Court goes deeper than surface, offers sanctuary from the city, and treats your unique needs in the most ethical way possible.

Jessica Washick

Creative Director & Lead Nail Technician

Jessica Washick is the Creative Director & Lead Nail Technician of Van Court, a New York City nail care studio.

An accessories designer with a honed eye for design, her career as a nail artist was sparked by a painful breakup. To distract herself from her misery, she began therapeutically painting her nails. A few months in, she was over the breakup and fully into nail art.

Jessica shares her passion on her immensely popular blog, U DON’T NEED A MAN, U NEED A MANICURE! When her blog’s readership skyrocketed, Jessica attended school to become a licensed nail technician while still working her day job in fashion. For Jessica, painting nails and designing accessories are the same. She sees nails as the ultimate beauty accessory, an extension of who the wearer truly is. Jessica finds inspiration for her work everywhere. Her blog is her diary; each design is deeply personal and has a story behind it.