What kind of manicures does Van Court offer?
We aim to give the best, healthiest manicure in town and an impeccable paint job. While we will have nail art to choose from, it is not our focus. When the client does request nail art, we respect that each technician is an artist and will not exactly replicate the look on the menu. Instead, the client will receive the manicurist’s rendition, giving their own artistic interpretation.
Why waterless manicures?
Since the nail is porous, soaking fingertips prior to lacquer application results in an expanded nail plate. Applying nail polish on a recently-soaked-nail will compromise the polish job, shortening the beauty of the manicure.
What kinds of products does Van Court use for services?
We strive to use the most natural, ethical, effective luxury lacquers and products on the market. We do NOT offer acrylics or gel (e.g. SHELLAC® or CalGel). Every polish and product we use is natural, organic, 5 or 9 free, vegan, cruelty-free and/or gluten-free.
How does Van Court promote a clean and healthy experience?
All of the tools and equipment at Van Court are properly cleaned and sterilized in our medical grade autoclave. With your health in mind, our pedicure bowls are tankless and scrubbed with a state of the art purification system after each use. Because the cuticle is the barrier between your body and the world, it’s imperative to keep it in tact. As such, we nip cuticles minimally however we will make sure you’re fingers are well tended.
How does Van Court support its technicians and small businesses?
We believe strongly in team culture and every technician is treated as an equal member of team Van Court. Our licensed technicians work 6-8 hour shifts with individually negotiated payment structures based on their industry day rate. Van Court selects product partners from other small businesses when possible, believing we can all rise together.

If you have any further questions about pricing or options, please reach out to us at [email protected].
How long do services take?
Our services range from 15 minutes to an hour and thirty minutes depending on which your choose, please reference our menu for more specifics.
What if I already have gel on my nails?
If you have an existing gel manicure, please note that Gel/Acrylic Removal is an additional treatment at Van Court. We request that you indicate the need when booking your procedure to make sure we’ve allotted enough time to safely remove your gel before beginning your service with us.
What if I'm late?
If you are running late, please give us a call and inform us. Should you be 10 or more minutes late for your scheduled appointment, your appointment is forfeited. We may be able to accommodate at the discretion of management. If we can not accommodate, we are happy to reschedule. Regardless, you will be charged 50% of the service fee.
What is the cancelation policy?
To better serve you, please provide us with 24 hour notice should your appointment need to be rescheduled or cancelled. All “no-shows” will be charged 100% of treatment price.