Nail Art Menu by Jessica Washick

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.43.47 PMOur Creative Director, Jessica Washick of the infamous blog U Don’t Need A Man. U Need A Manicure., creates our nail art menus. For these particular designs, Jessica was inspired by the transition of moving forward towards warmth and positivity. These cooler designs embody spring showers, rain drops, and wetness yet have an underlying sense of warmth. She used matte and glossy finishes to bring the inspiration to life. Touches of metallic bring beauty and symbolize newness.

While these designs are our feature looks, our nail technicians do freehand designs. Nail artists are artists in every sense of the word. When they do recreate Jessica’s designs, they are a rendition — their interpretation.

Nail art starts at $10 for an accent nail and is $35 for all 10 fingers.