Social Good

We take pride knowing we put the health of our staff, guests and environment first. We use the healthiest and cleanest products that leaves the least impact. Our design provides precise proportions for optimal comfort and performance. With proper ventilation and air purification systems, we provide a clean environment.

Our team of well-trained, seasoned professional technicians are among the industry’s finest. We continue to support and grow our talent by providing ongoing, regularly scheduled continuing education seminars. While we focus on nails, beauty and fashion, we provide insight on growing as an individual. With access to tools promoting financial health, physical well-being and interpersonal communication, we invest in our members.

Our diverse team hails from all corners of the world. Empowering our team, we support fair compensation; encourage work life balance; and promote linear teamwork without denying our members access to other exciting opportunities. Examples of such enrichment includes participating in editorial shoots, fashion weeks and other independent contract work.

We support our local communities by fostering young talent. One example is our partnership with West Brooklyn Community High School, a transfer high school run in partnership with Good Shepherd Services and the NYC Department of Education.

West Brooklyn helps students who are on their path to graduation and supports their growth by placing them into internships about which they are passionate. We’ve taken two interns under our wings. One young lady is learning the salon business while the other is exploring marketing, PR and advertising by working with us. A seasoned beauty marketer, Owner and Partner, Ruth Kallens, takes much pride in working with both students.