Ruth Kallens

Founder & Partner

Ruth Kallens is the Founder and Partner of Van Court, a New York City nail care studio.

Having worked with the biggest names in beauty and nails for over a decade, Ruth is a beauty industry veteran. Her obsession for the perfect manicure started at an early age, introduced to the indulgence at age five on standing Friday manicure appointments with her mother. After searching for years for a mani/pedi where skin, nail health and a perfect paint job were top priorities, Ruth was lost in a sea of nail-art specialty salons.

On a morning meditative walk with her dog, she realized she had all the tools necessary to create the studio that answered her nail dreams. Van Court is a marriage of Ruth’s dedication to health and mindfulness, passion for the perfect polish and love of creating experiences. Ruth believes that a treatment at Van Court goes deeper than surface, offers sanctuary from the city, and treats your unique needs in the most ethical way possible.